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With the retail sector being such a competitive beast, it is understandable that owners of retail brands, whether single commercial units or multiple store locations, look for ways in which improvements can be made. Even incremental improvements will make a vast difference to the financial outlook of a company over a longer period of time, and one way in which you can gather accurate data about the way your retail space operates on a daily basis is to employ the services of a Mystery Shopping Company.

In tough modern times there are a number of challenges that the retail sector faces. If you are running a retail brand you have to contend with shrinking margins and the fees associated with such aspects of the business as receiving credit card payments. Retail suffers from a high turnover of employees, taking on board a demographic of younger staff members in the majority of cases, seasonal workers and those always looking for the next flexible job. With customers looking at new, and more cost effective, ways to shop, including online and telephone sales, it is imperative that you understand your company inside and out. It will provide you with the ability to effectively analyse data to ensure that the improvements you plan to make, actually work.

Despite these challenges that retail brand owners face, how can mystery shopping help you?

Mystery shopping in itself is designed to aid a company owner in breaking down the mystery and intrigue surrounding the day-to-day operations of a store. You can be on site as often as you like, but it is only natural that your staff members act in a different way when they know that you are around. Equally it is not time or cost effective to conduct this type of research in person, or even to pore over camera footage of stores.

You have the choice to conduct Mystery Shopping surveys that help a retail company with several different aspects of a business. This can include a customer experience, looking at how the journey of a customer builds, through subjective elements, the behaviour of your staff and the customer and other attributes.

A Regulatory Compliance Mystery Shopping programme will help you to understand if you are fulfilling regulatory and legal guidance throughout your retail operations, and to appreciate where you need to step up your game. A business that falls foul of a regulatory body can suffer financially and reputational within a short space of time.

You can also choose to look at the best practice to entice customers and to ensure that you are performing at the very best level when compared with your direct competitors. This can include promotional materials, brand consistency, discounts and sale items, as well as placement of items within a store. Painting a full picture will allow you to make the necessary amends and to make those critical purchase points much more appealing to your customers and potential customers.

As you can see, Mystery Shopping is an exercise that can make a huge difference to a retail brand in continuously improving, retaining customers and attracting new ones consistently.

Andrew Slidell

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