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With the endless options for chocolates available in the market these days, choosing the best chocolate can be confusing. But, being informed about the kinds of chocolate and what makes one different from others can ease up the selection process. Whether you are looking to buy white, milk and dark chocolate, the pieces of information below should be able to help you:

Kinds of Chocolate

In general, the kinds of chocolate are defined by the ratios of different ingredients such as milk and sugar which go into every version. Here are the most common kinds of chocolates the market is offering these days:

  • Dark chocolate. Since the news broke about the possible health benefits of dark chocolate, people rush to the market to purchase darker versions of chocolate. While generally bitter in taste, dark chocolate can be added with some sugar. Just like other chocolates, dark chocolate can have varying quality depending on their brand and maker.

  • Milk chocolate. This is a familiar kind of chocolate and people love it because of its sweetness. This is the usual type of chocolate used as Easter eggs and chocolate truffles. This is the chocolate of choice for people who wish to escape the bitterness of the dark version and want to enjoy the milky, sweet flavor.
  • White chocolate. Technically, this is not a chocolate since it doesn’t have the major ingredient which is chocolate liquor. But, it is commonly composed of cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar. Its cocoa butter content makes it a chocolate and the best white chocolate contractor can provide the highest quality versions of this chocolate.
  • Baking chocolate. This is bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate found in products such as chocolate chips for baking cakes or cookies and has little to no sugar.

Factors to Take into Account when Purchasing Chocolate

  • Cacao Percentage. Traditional standards say the higher the cacao contents in chocolate, the greater its health benefits. However, the current standard is least 75% cacao to enjoy these benefits. For a lot of people, this chocolate might be too bitter to enjoy.

  • Premium quality. Artisanal chocolate stores exist in abundance these days. Independent chocolatiers can produce unique products using premium ingredients, offsetting the higher price. Local stores are challenging the Swiss chocolate makers who have been dominating the chocolate market for years. Learn more about the quality of the chocolate you are getting from its maker.

Andrew Slidell

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