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Online shopping – the boon to the modern people! It replaced shopping bags with online carts, travels with home deliveries, sales executives with recommendations and long checkout counters with instant pay options. The boom in e-commerce thus has been the most predicted and yet the revolutionary change in today’s time.

With so much of advantages to the millennial people online shopping, though has brought a range of disadvantages too.

Quality of the product

The biggest trouble of purchasing anything online is to be sure of the quality of the product that arrives. While the product specifications do share the quality of fabric, size and other details, one is never sure of what shall arrive at home. Some sellers try to put up unrealistic details to misguide the customers and increase their sales. The biggest problem here is to predict the size as one can never be sure of which brand shall have the right size.

Inaccurate delivery systems

Delivery of the products are always predicted when it comes to online shopping. E-commerce websites do have an online tracking system dedicated to inform the customers of their product delivery, personnel details etc. But a lot of times the logistics fail to deliver the product on time. There are delays, change in time, etc leading to the product being delivered earlier or delayed than expected!

Failures in digital payments

Technology has sure backed up the digital wallets and online payment systems, but this has not made its usage a full-proof formula. There are routine failures faced by the people when making use of these online wallets and apps for paying on the e-commerce stores. The refund time, processing time etc lead to even more gap leading to loss of deals and increased costs!

Addition of charges

While the online deals make the idea of online purchase lucrative, it is the additional charges which raise the cost back again. A lot of times the charges bring up the price of the products back to the MRP. Therefore it proves to be useless choosing online modes. The online customers can choose buyvia reviews to get exciting coupons and discounts to make the most of online shopping experience!

Online shopping is definitely exciting but there are some routine problems which make the experience frustrating. With your security in your own hands, one should try to make use of the e-commerce store but with a watchful eye!

Andrew Slidell

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