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Braces are common solutions for orthodontic problems, but if you are someone who wears braces, you already know that maintaining oral hygiene isn’t the easiest thing. That’s exactly where cordless water flossers come in handy. As the name suggests, a cordless water flosser is designed to floss or clean the braces and teeth, so that oral hygiene isn’t compromised. If you are looking for the best cordless water flosser for braces, we have a few tips that may help.

Do cordless water flossers work?

Cleaning braces isn’t the easiest thing, and the new-age cordless water flossers are designed to make cleaning an easy task. When brushes cannot reach the tough areas of the mouth, these flossers work seemingly well. If you have used a normal water flosser, you should also know that the cordless variants are as effective. Most of the newer options are designed to have a number of pressure settings, which means you can choose the kind of cleaning action you want. These cordless ones use a mix of pulsation and pressure to get rid of plaque, food particles from the braces, when brushing cannot work between the wires. Also, the action helps in massaging the gums, which aids in blood circulation.

Tips to select one

If you are looking for a cordless water flosser, there are a few things to look for. Start with the flossing time, which determines how effectively the product works for cleaning the braces. Secondly, check the pressure settings, which should be as varied as possible, although that depends on the price you are willing to pay. The number of cleaning tips also determines how effectively the flosser works on the braces. Since we are talking of portability here, it is important to check how much water the product can store, so that the cleaning session isn’t interrupted. There are travel variants, which have small reservoirs for easy usage and handling.

Not to forget, you have to consider the battery life of the cordless water flosser. The best ones can work for a week or more on a single charge. Some products may come in with additional accessories, including a USB cord. For kids, parents have to be careful with the safety instructions. Keep in mind that the brand and warranty on the product does make a difference, so check for those aspects, as well. Make a shortlist of best-rated cordless water flossers and compare the choices now!

Andrew Slidell

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