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There are few things more ubiquitous in the fashion industry than items aimed at kids. It really is the perfect confluence of marketing impulses. Parents need to clothe their children, and the kids want to “Be Like Mike” or Steph Curry, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo—whomever the hot sports star of the day is, sporty and even plenty of non-sporty kids are sure to want to emulate them in every way imaginable, and that includes purchasing their merchandise, such as sneakers. Add in the fact that the “passion for fashion” starts around that age as well, and you have the perfect recipe for kids wanting the best and most fashionable footwear out there

But kids, being kids, too often only look at the name on the tag, and not the price. They only see that those shoes are “the” brand, while you see that £200 price tag. Here are a few tips to help you find the best of both worlds when it comes to shopping for kids sneakers.

A Few Fashion Tips

To begin with, there are a few fashion tips of which you should be aware to help find the best children’s sneakers out there. For starters, you always want to consider the colour of the shoes in question. That may seem obvious for any fashion article, but remember—shoes are in contact with the ground, so while white and lighter colours may be sleeker, they’ll also show dirt more. In addition, you naturally want to be on the lookout for leading brands for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that your kids are likely going to want them. That said, you can still work to avoid paying exorbitant amounts for these brands with some of the tips below.

Retro is In

One more fashion tip when buying sneakers for your kids? Retro is in. It’s the reason we referenced Air Jordans and the famous “Be Like Mike” campaign above—we love going retro nowadays, especially with respect to the 1990s. If you want to save a bit of money and still convince your child that you’re keeping them in step with fashion to boot, look for styles that are retro. With some exceptions, retro options can often be more affordable than the hottest “new” thing.

Find Great Retailers Online and in Person

It’s no secret that most of us today do at least some of our shopping online. We’ve all seen the reports that come out year after year which say that more and more of our daily and weekly shopping—from impulse buys to major purchases to groceries and more—come from online purchases. Therefore, while it’s still important to seek out quality brick and mortar outlets as well, you also want to seek out online sites which offer the best everyday deals on shoes. This can be accomplished in part by tracking these sites’ reputation among fellow customers, so always be sure to read customer reviews and feedback.

Keep your kids in style with the latest footwear fashions while still saving with smart shoe-buying strategies.


Andrew Slidell

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