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When it comes to shopping for rings, it would be most likely that the ring will be worn for most of your life. It is worth to invest your time to find out the ring size to make sure that it stays secure and comfortable on yours or your spouse’s finger. Inappropriate size can cause discomfort and damage to the ring. Have a read on how to achieve the perfect ring size.

  1. Measuring standards

Rings are usually measured by their diameters in millimeters. It corresponds to a standardized ring size. In the US, the ring sizes are determined by a numeric scale which is based on quarters and a half units. The standard size in the US ranges from 3 to 13.5 mm. The average size of the ring is 6 mm. Eventually, you want a ring size that stays secured in the wearer’s finger. In other words, when it comes to buying gold rings for men or women you will have to measure the wearer’s finder to find out the ring size.


  1. Proper ring sizing 
  1. A ring finger is located between the long middle finger and the pinkie.
  2. When buying a wedding or engagement ring, they are worn on the left hand’s ring finger.
  3. The sizes of ring fingers of both sizes may differ by half a size. The dominant one is larger.
  4. Finger sizes are subjected to change on the basis of day, illness, temperature, weight fluctuations, medications etc.
  5. For most accurate results measure your ring finger in different times of the day when the finger is in a distinct temperature.

  1. Finding the right size without spoiling the surprise

You can ask his or her near and dear ones. They are the best sources for help when it comes to the ring. Just come to an agreement that they don’t spoil your surprise for them.

If your partner wears any rings, wait till it is not worn or taken off at night, then secretly trace the diameter inside the ring on paper. This measurement will help you with a trusted jeweler to find the proper ring size.

When your partner is asleep, tie a string around his or her fingers to the perfect tightness. Then remove the string and determine its diameter. Only do this if your partner is in a deep sleep.

Andrew Slidell

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