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How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size?

Dec 18, 2018

When it comes to shopping for rings, it would be most likely that the ring will be worn for most of your life. It is worth to invest your time to find out the ring size to make sure that it stays secure and comfortable on yours or your spouse’s finger. Inappropriate size can cause discomfort and damage to the ring. Have a read on how to achieve the perfect ring size.

  1. Measuring standards

Rings are usually measured by their diameters in millimeters. It corresponds to a standardized ring size. In the US, the ring sizes are determined by a numeric scale which is based on quarters and a half units. The standard size in the US ranges from 3 to 13.5 mm. The average size of the ring is 6 mm. Eventually, you want a ring size that stays secured in the wearer’s finger. In other words, when it comes to buying gold rings for men or women you will have to measure the wearer’s finder to find out the ring size.


  1. Proper ring sizing 
  1. A ring finger is located between the long middle finger and the pinkie.
  2. When buying a wedding or engagement ring, they are worn on the left hand’s ring finger.
  3. The sizes of ring fingers of both sizes may differ by half a size. The dominant one is larger.
  4. Finger sizes are subjected to change on the basis of day, illness, temperature, weight fluctuations, medications etc.
  5. For most accurate results measure your ring finger in different times of the day when the finger is in a distinct temperature.

  1. Finding the right size without spoiling the surprise

You can ask his or her near and dear ones. They are the best sources for help when it comes to the ring. Just come to an agreement that they don’t spoil your surprise for them.

If your partner wears any rings, wait till it is not worn or taken off at night, then secretly trace the diameter inside the ring on paper. This measurement will help you with a trusted jeweler to find the proper ring size.

When your partner is asleep, tie a string around his or her fingers to the perfect tightness. Then remove the string and determine its diameter. Only do this if your partner is in a deep sleep.

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Why Receiving Jewellery Feels So Good

Dec 7, 2018

Everyone loves to receive jewellery, and these three reasons show why recipients feel so good when someone they love gives them a gift of jewellery.

Image Source: Pexels

Most everyone knows that jewellery is a very popular gift for people to give others, but not many people understand why their recipient loves getting jewellery so much. It’s a very popular gift for most any holiday, and while you may choose to give jewellery for a number of reasons, it’s very likely that your recipient appreciates your gift for one of these easy-to-understand reasons.

They Feel Loved

Many times people equate the amount of money that someone spends on a gift to how that person feels for them. When a person receives an expensive gift from them, they automatically feel very worthy. Jewellery tends to be more expensive than other kinds of gifts and will clearly make the recipient feel like they are loved and important. Even if the gift isn’t terribly expensive, as long as it is something that may be considered a “splurge,” it will invoke these same feelings of being loved and feeling worthy.

It Lasts

Another reason why people love to receive jewellery is because it lasts. Unlike other kinds of gifts that wear out or get used up, jewellery can last for generations and can become a family heirloom. This means that the piece you give someone shows commitment for years to come. Because jewellery will last for so long, buying it is an investment in the future, which tells the recipient that you plan on being around for a long time to come.

Image Source: Pexels

It’s Personal

There are very few gifts that are more personal than a piece of jewellery. Whether you are shopping for rings, beautiful silver necklaces for women or men’s jewellery from world-famous brands when you give a piece of jewellery that was specifically chosen for your recipient, then you are sure to make them feel very special. Because you can choose pieces that will complement their body or personality, it’s easy to choose a piece of jewellery that will feel very personal to the recipient, which will make it feel more special.

There are many psychological reasons why jewellery is such a popular gift. If you are going to be giving someone special in your life a gift, then it’s important to consider what you are saying to them when you give them jewellery. Understanding their feelings and emotions will help you choose the right piece and ensure that it expresses how you feel.

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All About Evaluating 5Cs While Buying Loose Diamonds!

Oct 3, 2018

Regardless of whether you are considering a gift or want to think of this as an investment, diamonds do make sense for most people. Despite all the things that critics say, the demand for diamonds continues to soar. Most wholesale diamond merchants are predicting good things moving forward. Of course, like gold or precious metals that have an index, valuation of diamonds doesn’t follow a fixed norm, and that’s exactly why buyers have their concerns. If you are thinking of buying loose diamonds, here are some of the things you need to know.

Understanding the 5 Cs

Diamonds were traditionally evaluated based on 4 Cs, but now there’s also a fifth one. Let’s start with the four 4Cs first.

  • Carat. If you are buying loose diamonds, you have to be cautious of the term called ‘carat’. Contrary to what amateurs believe, it refers to the weight of the diamond and not the size. Also, just because a diamond weighs more doesn’t always mean it is expensive, because the other 3 Cs come into play.
  • Clarity. Diamond is a natural stone, and that means that it is not perfect. Most diamonds have blemishes and inclusions that are naturally found in the stone, and while these cannot be seen with naked eyes, clarity does affect the price of the diamond considerably. A diamond that doesn’t contain any inclusions or has minimal inclusions is typically graded as Flawless.
  • Color. You may not find color differences with naked eyes, but colorless diamonds are rather rare and often fetch the highest price. There is a color scale for grading diamonds, starting from D to Z. Colorless diamonds are categorized as D, while diamonds graded R to Z usually have a tinge.

  • Cut. This refers to the stone’s ability to reflect light and is often seen a measure of craftsmanship. There are various ways in which the cut is evaluated, and it affects the price of the diamond considerably. An excellent cut diamond with limited inclusions and color rating of G or less is likely to fetch a high price.

The 5th C

Certification is the 5th C that matters in buying diamonds. Make sure that the loose diamonds you are seeing are certified, and it is also equally important to choose a merchant that you can rely on. Valuation done right ensures that you will get returns on your investment, should there be a need to sell your loose diamonds later.

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Tips For Buying The Right Engagement Ring

Aug 21, 2018

With the innovation of information technology, the internet is now flooded with cool tips for those want to get hitched sooner or later. Whether it’s about engagement rings or wedding trousseau- you can get useful information there.

Here we have collected some cool tips straight from the horse’s mouth to guide our readers in the best possible manner when they’re about to propose their partners. If you’re one of them and intended to propose the lady or man of your dreams shortly- what are you waiting for? Set up the whole event and gear up with the right piece of ring which will shout “wear me” the moment you kneel and unbox it in front of your partner.

Let’s check out some cool tips that you should follow while shopping the right engagement ring for your beloved—

Keep in mind his/her choices

Whenever you’re planning to get engaged, buying a ring should be your priority. Make sure that the ring has a key role to play. It should be of his or her choice so that the concerned person get allured by the jewelry piece and say “yes”.

Try to figure out the fascination of your partner when it comes to ornaments. Think about his or her favorite metal and rock o the rings. If you can afford it, surprise your future spouse with the perfectly stone studded ring.

Go with the trends

Consider buying simple gold, platinum or silver bands per trends if you also prefer such rings. Buying tungsten engagement rings is also in vogue these days. When you’re intending to make it a little pocket friendly, buying the cool ceramic tungsten rings can be a great way to showcase your feelings to the person you love and want to marry.

Your favorite metal and stone

Along with considering your partners choices, you can also fan your likings towards the rings. You can also incorporate your choice of metal and stones. For example- if you like diamonds, buy a princess cut or a pear-shaped diamond studded platinum or white gold ring.

Budget & online shopping

Budget is a big matter of concern. Try to choose a ring matching your budget. If you shop online, you’ll be introduced to a wide variety of engagement rings of different metals and studded with precious and semi-precious stones. The best part is the great discount you’ll avail online unlike retail stores.

So, by following the given ideas, buy the right engagement ring.

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Wedding Rings: Traditions and Trends

May 11, 2018

The wedding band is really a time-honored tradition, with roots dating back the Roman Empire. Initially, the marriage band symbolized “possession”, or “owned by another” and indicated an agreement have been made with someone else to invest their lives together as couple. With time this is and meaning has altered. Today, the roundness from the wedding ring is stated to point the eternal nature of marriage, and also the never-ending love and bond that the couple share through marriage.

It had been throughout the Victorian period the wedding ring came into existence recognized denoting love over a sign of the contract. Unsurprisingly, it had been during this period that arranged marriages grew to become less popular and men and women had more freedom to select their partners for love and friendship instead of for financial security or social success. However, it wasn’t until newer occasions, those of about The First World War, the exchange of engagement rings between man and lady required around the meaning and meaning the rings carry today.

Wedding Band Trends

With time, combined with the alternation in meaning, came a general change in attitude by what rings need to look like too. While today, typically the most popular rings continue to be made from gold, silver, or platinum, there’s also new metals and designs open to suite every lifestyle and style.

Since most brides receive a diamond ring, the marriage bands frequently compliment the diamond engagement ring style as well as match one another to some extent. Although this is not really a solid rule, generally, your and woman’s rings that they exchange offer a similar experience in character and metal, too.

What remains the most widely used band Body that is a “plain” or “simple” gold band, really has its own roots in Jewish tradition. Based on Jewish custom, a wedding band should be an ordinary gold band to be able to correctly represent the wholesomeness from the union between man and lady. (For Christians, an identical wedding ring was utilized by order from the Pope in 860AD, which needed your daughter’s groom to lead a present towards the bride.)

There’s also numerous other available choices available, including bands produced from durable or interesting metals (for example tungsten carbide wedding rings, or titanium wedding rings) or bands which are designed incorporating diamonds, birthstones, or any other jewels.

For individuals wanting to exchange engagement rings within the latest styles, the newest wedding ring trends include:

• Rings that seem to be stacked on the top of one another, to be able to seem like multiple rings are now being worn

• Bands that contain colored gemstones.

• Bands with detailed engraving or vintage-inspired etching

• Eternity-style bands, or bands that contain multiple diamonds

• Bands that used mixed metals or finishes (for instance, gold and platinum)

• Custom-designed wedding rings to mirror the couples style and personalities

It’s still extremely popular with an engraved message put into a band too. Even though many go for their impending anniversary date, many also decide to engrave a little quote, a reputation, or perhaps a simple “I actually do” within their bands.

The last note to think about when selecting the wedding band, is to match sufficient time before the wedding to make sure that sizing from the bands, and then any personalization can been done prior to the special day arrives. A good option is to buy your bands a minimum of six days before your wedding event, although much more time may be required for very unique or intricate custom work.

At IMG Jewelers, we take great pride in having the ability to provide wedding rings and designs our wedding couples will enjoy for life. We feature a variety of options in gold, silver, platinum, along with other metals to complement all diamond engagement rings, the most recent the latest fashions, or perhaps your personal preference. Because we’re the biggest importer of loose diamonds in Northeast Ohio, you can be certain that we’ll possess the gemstone diamond engagement ring styles you’re searching as well.

Are you soon going to get married? Are you looking for a customized wedding band for your beloved? The Rio is the best place to get customized wedding band Singapore. We offer not just wedding bands but other jewelry pieces like pendants, rings and necklaces.

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Impress the One You Love With New Zealand Fine Jewellery and Engagement Rings

May 4, 2018

Engagement ring, it is not merely a love symbol. In fact it represents commitment and engagement. An engagement ring does not pronounce if someone loved you, yet having an engagement ring, is very special,   isn’t it?

Commonly, people look for personalized engagement rings. New Zealand is well-known for its custom engagement rings, custom made jewellery, colored gemstone earrings and couture bombe rings, meeting your exact taste.

What is jewellery or an engagement ring?

Jewellery or engagement ring expresses your unique personality. Ordering a custom jewellery with New Zealand means you are assured to get your sense of style and within your budget.

Why New Zealand?

There are many jewellery shops in and around the world, yet new zealand fine jewellery and engagement rings have a special place. This is because in New Zealand creating personalized jewellery for couples is their excellence and this has resulted in consistent success stories and satisfied customers. New Zealand offers unparalleled expert one-on-one service while designing the engagement ring that it appears distinct one-of-its-kind, presenting a combination of your personal expression and also your love message.

The Jewellery workshop is factory-direct and so buyers get best quality and pricing. Buyers get GIA certified diamonds assuring accurate grading of diamonds and these diamonds are laser engraved. Apart from making new engagement rings or fine jewellery, they also remodel, polish, resize, repair and offer Ruby gemstones, Emerald and Ceylon Sapphire.

How do they get Accuracy of customized jewellery?

Having your engagement rings custom designed or the fine jewellery item customized makes it more valuable. Of course, you get it as expected as they do it using CAD, computer aided design. This ensures precise and accurate diamond jewellery that is also dimensionally perfect.

If you are busy, you can send the design images by email. On the confirmation of the design, a 3D print is taken creating the perfect dimension that is cast into Gold or platinum. Each ring is hand polished and then is set by hand with your chosen gem stone or diamond and is finished to perfection by hand. This process ensures accurate engagement rings and fine jewellery possible offering a lifetime guarantee.

If you wish to impress the person you love, consider choosing personalized jewellery. There may be many retail jewelers selling similar designs, but it is New Zealand fine jewellery and engagement rings that are unique and inspiring, that you can be amazed by their work and options available.

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The Recognition of Man Jewelery

Dec 26, 2016

Man jewellery has existed ever as recorded through the many works of art and carvings observed in the palace walls. During individuals occasions, it had been a pattern to put on jewellery included in flashing their status within the society. However, as time progressed, using jewellery for males has declined as men connected jewellery using the female race. Man jewellery only found its long ago towards the mainstream previously 3 decades which trend appears like something which will remain for any very lengthy time.

When men’s jewellery first joined the contemporary occasions, only two kinds of jewellery were known to be truly from the male fashion and fundamental essentials watches and cufflinks. Which are more apparent reasons, men were prone to put on a wrist watch to operate, school or play and cufflinks were only used at weddings and funeral. Now, men’s jewellery even goes past the standard kinds of jewellery featuring much more of choices regarding rings and necklaces.

The more youthful population find putting on jewellery as ultimate status symbols and therefore developing a new and larger trend for males putting on jewellery. Due to the trend these youngsters create, more designers are venturing into designing very flashy blings which will generally attract attention in the people round the wearer. These flashy and chunky blings were initially worn through the black community through its rappers and music stars however are now being adapted by common people already.

Some men like to display to the world their wealth by putting on several heavy gold chains even when fundamental essentials best bits of jewellery they own. Earrings will also be extremely popular with men and getting one is regarded as awesome. Nowadays, many athlete frequently put on several stud earring both in ears.

Man jewellery is definitely chunkier, bigger and bulkier than ladies jewellery however it equals it within the different designs which are being introduced today. Most jewellery now includes diamonds along with other precious gemstones. The current trend within the rise of recognition for men’s jewellery implies that males are more in touched using their feminine side. jewellery when worn by men does indeed a great job in softening your features. Even modest females have discovered a liking to putting on jewellery created for men.

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Luxurious Pearl Jewelry – Beauty, Charisma and Pride of ladies

Nov 13, 2016

Jewellery is really a woman’s pride. It adds beauty and splendor to personality. For total feminine and stylish looks the stylish types of jewellery would be the most eminent. The very best gift a lady carves for, is jewellery. It may be wonderful and exciting for any lady to possess diamonds and pearls like a present. It is usually an incredible, superb and brilliant idea for any lady to purchase jewellery. There won’t be any lady who does not desire to have new and fabulous types of jewellery. The glitters, glosses and shimmer, could be added via putting on some amazing jewellery. It does not matter be it about rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings it is usually attractive for any lady to purchase newest types of jewellery of any sort.

Luxury can be included resides in form of jewellery. There are millions of kinds of jewellery which aren’t affordable. Just the wealthiest can purchase them. Diamonds and pearls are thought because the most costly and splendid gems. These gems are available in many shapes, lusters and colours. Pearls are particularly famous because the luxurious gemstones on the planet. Gem jewellery is definitely an ideal gift for just about any occasion like wedding, birthday, engagement and lots of other special events. Saltwater pearls are regarded as probably the most lavish and pricey. And freshwater pearls are comparatively less costly than seawater pearls.

Couple of things should be observed attentively before shopping the pearls. You need to begin to see the the surface of gem with all of care there should not be any roughness or dullness. The top of gem should be smooth there should not be any dent. The cost of gem is frequently measured through the shine. Shinier the top more is going to be its worth. The luster of the gem should be reflecting the sunshine since it is most significant quality factor. Regarding shape, the form of gem ought to be round. Probably the most luxurious pearls are available in round shape. Therefore the form of gem also determines its worth.

Regarding price of jewellery, it’s sometimes awfully costly and something are only able to dream putting on it. You will find much lavish and costly jewellery offered. For instance Gemstone Bikini via Susan Rosen is 150 carats pure gemstone that was offered for $30 millions. White-colored Gemstone by Sotheby’s isn’t less within the race of cost its current cost has exceeded $23 millions. Burma Ruby Necklaces are thought since many pretty necklaces and also the cost with this precious jewellery is $14 millions.

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Locating the Perfect Jewellery For any Woman

Oct 18, 2016

Jewellery is one thing every lady is eternally enthusiastic about. There is something about putting on individuals beautiful metals or gemstones on song of her body that contributes to her appeal and she or he recognizes that. Be it a watch-catching gemstone pendant on her behalf chest or pretty gold heart-formed charms on her behalf wrist, she’ll exude a feeling which will only make her as beautiful as she will be.

A lady might even say she would not be caught dead without a set of earrings, a minimum of. While these body adornments are produced to include physical beauty for their wearer, they are able to really be extensions of who the lady is, no matter age, social class or nationality.

Indeed, no lady won’t be seduced by an excellent group of jewellery that her man gives her. If you are looking at giving something towards the lady of the existence but remain unsure what can please her, try jewellery. You most likely will not fail.

However, when looking for something to provide her, one factor you might like to consider is her personal style. True, all ladies love jewellery, but even among themselves, women may have certain kinds of these accessories they enjoy putting on yet others they would not even have a re-assessment at. Quite simply, think about the personality from the lady you will be gifting before obtaining anything on her.

A sporty kind of woman who’s always on the run will most likely appreciate simple designs for example studs of her birthstone on her behalf ears or perhaps a plain silver chain by having an humble pendant on her behalf neck. Don’t offer her dangling earrings as she most likely will not even touch them. If your wife or partner may be the sophisticated type who attends one a lot of high-profile occasions, you’ll be able to offer her some thing elaborate or attention-grabbing.

If you are simply unsure about the type of jewellery that she’ll most most likely appreciate, have a consider her closet and look for the type of clothes she wears. This will drop you some excellent hints. But you should know that whatever kind of jewellery that’s, your lady is going to be putting on it together with her clothes on. Which means her outfits and her earrings, bracelets, brooches or necklaces should match.

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Fixing Your Fashion Jewellery and Costume Jeweller

Sep 25, 2016

For many women, putting on fashion jewellery is a straightforward method to try brand new looks in order to improve your overall wardrobe. Keeping the jewellery searching its best will keep you look your very best too. Fashion jewellery, also referred to as costume jewellery is generally produced from less costly materials and adorned with glass, plastic or synthetic gemstones. Unlike fine jewellery that may be refurbished to love new condition, some fashion jewellery that falls right into a condition of disrepair cannot continually be restored. Fixing your accessories regularly and understanding what to prevent will help you to enjoy your awesome vintage piece or perhaps your brand new necklace, bracelet, ring or group of earrings longer.

Making time monthly to look after your products could keep it in good shape. Simply wipe having a soft cotton cloth to get rid of any surface dust. Make use of an extra soft toothbrush to get rid of any dust or debris that could be hiding in crevices or clasps, be sure to check between beads in case your item has them. Then, simply employ the material to shine the surfaces. This can be all that you should do to maintain your accessories who is fit.

In case your item is much more seriously soiled use mild dish soapy a gentle sponge or cloth to lightly fix it. Avoid submerging your jewellery completely. Moisture may cause rust or pits to create therefore the less moisture your jewellery is uncovered towards the better. Stay away from ultra-sonic cleaners together with your fashion jewellery because they are too harsh. Make sure to dry well having a soft cloth and edit your piece by lightly polishing having a soft cloth.

There’s also jewellery cleaners readily available for costume jewellery. If you opt to begin using these make sure that they particularly condition that they’re to be used on fashion jewellery. Fashion jewellery cannot withstand a few of the chemicals accustomed to clean fine jewellery so make certain guess what happens your cleaner consists of before use. As lengthy while you stick to the directions provided by the maker you’ll be able to wash your products quite easily.

You may also boost the durability of the fashion jewellery wardrobe by understanding what to prevent. Avoid ammonia, vinegar, acidity and alcohol because these will corrode your jewellery rapidly to some non-repairable condition. More common substances to stay away out of your jewellery are perfume, hairspray and lotion as they possibly can easily affect the finish of the fashion jewellery.

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