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More than seventy five percent of the population needs glasses. The statistics makes sense because almost 3 in 4 people are born with poor vision that weakens even further with age. The increase in time spent in front of screen worsens the situation. In this article you will learn about the most common issues faced by people.

The expense of these prescription glasses could be pretty high and cost hundreds of dollars.  Hence finding the right pair in the budget consumes sufficient time especially when you need a particular style. Many of us are confused about the right style as per the profession and face shape. Some users may require multiple pairs while others need add on. Here are some tips to make a wise decision.

Pupillary distance

Before appearing for the eye exam near me, you must be aware of basic terminologies. The pupillary distance is defined as the distance between two pupils. Usually, it is measured in millimeters. To get the truest vision, experts ensure that optical center of eyeglasses are in front of the pupils.  In order to position the lenses correctly on the eyeglasses, they would require your PD. The pupillary distance for an average person will fall between 54 – 68 mm. instead of measuring it on your own, it is always better to ask the skilled optician to do it on your behalf.

Glasses for different face shapes

While ordering the right frames, it is essential to know your frame size. There are few factors that will affect the selection of frames. You have to choose the frames that compliment your face. Human face is broadly categorized into 4 shapes namely diamond, square, round and oval.

People with diamond shaped faces have broad cheekbones, a narrow chin and larger forehead. You need to find a pair of glasses that has similar angles. Round shaped frames having a wider top are ideal for such faces.

The right pair of glasses for your face?

People with round faces have a circular face and rounded forehead. Hence the rectangular frames are ideal for such structures because they will elongate your face. Those who have a square jaw and face must soften face’s natural angularity. Thus, they could choose rounder frames to strike balance.

Almost every style of glasses looks perfect on the oval shaped faces. Choose a pair of symmetrical glasses with rigid structure to look graceful.

Andrew Slidell

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