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Buying a ski-doo usagé bleu is the same as you buy a used boat, car or a piano. There is a need for some research to be done and you should have someone accompanying having knowledge about that you wish to shop. Bear in mind that you should consider buying it from a dealership so that it is less risky and you get a warranty from a private seller.

There is a need to figure out the sled type and the way of using it. Whether you consider using the snowmobile to ride trails or you wish to pull an ice hut? Is fuel efficiency important must be known. The best suggestion is to talk to a dealership staff so that they have snowmobiles available ready for sale. There is no need to buy a new machine as there are models old as of 2003 and 2005 or even newer with modern features such as electric start. It means you may pay around $3500 to $4000 for a good working condition machine.

Following it is to check for some more prospects. There is a need to start the engine if it is cold and if the engine is in running condition, it will start easily. You can also consider a test drive or see the history of the ownership and the service records. Get mechanical inspection, it is important. A snowmobile may probably have obvious damage and wear signs, such as ripped seats, cracks, dents, excessive smoke, and misaligned skis coming out from the tailpipe. Anyone watching CSI is aware of the vehicular cover-up such as a fresh or mismatched paint, or the areas with decals. Remember well to assess the innards of the machine and get a mechanic to have a look at it.

The snowmobiles coming as new are expensive and it is more than $10,000. In case you are on a restricted budget and are into this sport, buying a snowmobile used one may be the right choice. Buying a used car means you are expected to be really careful or it may end up as a major headache.

Conversely, buying in the winter a used snowmobile alone means you can test ride it and if you are in the buying end, you must ask them a few questions:

  • Why one is trying to get rid of this snowmobile?
  • How often and where it is being serviced?
  • Any existing problems?
  • How many miles it has covered?

Inspect thoroughly the snowmobile top to bottom, side to side, inside and out. Get a techie or a snowmobile mechanic and with knowledgeable set of eyes save yourself.

Andrew Slidell

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