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Tires are an integral car part. Why? It is because the car tire alone has contact with the ground and it accelerates, turns and stops. In fact the whole car becomes immobilized even due to one tire fault. Having a spare tire is a must. This is because even a tiny hole can ruin the entire day.

Here are tips to buy tires, as a new set:

  • Each tire has ¼ of car total weight. In case a SUV is over 4000 lbs, it means each tire is supporting more than 1000 lbs. These are rubber filled with air and so while running over something, think twice.
  • The tires of cars vary, so buy the right tires required for your car. It is not right to have sports car tires or 4×4 SUV tires fitted on your truck. The best is to buy OEM tires coming with your new car or some identical model tire.

  • The tires also vary in the air pressure amount. Do go through the manual and the sidewall tires to know the best tire pressure. Generally, cars require different air amounts in the tires front and back seat. Thus, ensure using proper working air gauge.
  • Tires offering higher performance wear quickly. This is because you own a sports car or the tires and wheels upgraded means the tires wear out faster than the regular tires. The tires have rubber compounds that are stickier and these wear out faster.

  • Directional tires require proper rotation to ascertain water traction. In case everything is put backwards, hydroplane could be used easily in wet conditions. Ensure the stop is correct by tire examining. See the directional arrow shown on the tires so that you have an informed idea on the tires rolling direction.
  • Tires provide suspension for half vehicle and so if the tires are too small or old, it may get inflated improperly and the ride can be rough. This may cause tires to wear faster, while the bottom line is to have proper tires that are inflated properly to ride correctly.

Each care is built and designed for a specific tire type and using different tire means the suspension system and the entire design becomes different. So, it is very important to have correct tire type after market. Having upgraded to larger wheels means you should visit a reputable tire shop such as Pmctire and talk to know their experience.

Andrew Slidell

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