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Gifts need to be unique, special and reflective of your personal taste. A company called Notta & Belle has come with this product simply named ‘A rose in a glass dome’. Sounds interesting? We reviewed it below, so that you know what to expect.

An incredible gift for almost anymore

Notta & Belle came up with this idea of preserving natural roses in glass domes, using special technology, and it will keep enchanting a person for five years. We checked and found the idea to be as unique as they claimed. A rose in glass dome is a unique and extremely special concept, and the company assures that it’s one of its kind products in the market. Notta & Belle only uses real roses for the purpose, and it’s not kept in vacuum, so you can actually touch and feel the rose by removing the special glass dome. The product is just ideal for almost anyone, and the company also offers color and size choices. There are 18 different colors to choose from, and you can choose between petite, medium and premium roses.

Story behind

Notta & Belle’s product is inspired from Beauty and the Beast, and it’s probably more geared towards women, who would love to feel like a princess. We had placed the product in the living room, and most people kept asking about the origins. The good thing is they use special processing technology, so the rose will live for five years, at least that’s what they claim. The flowers are procured from Ecuador and Spain, and each rose is carefully selected for making the product. You can also check for unique colors like blue and black, although we got a red rose, simply because it’s hard to match the natural beauty of it.

Notta & Belle also offers the choice to select the gift box that you like, and you have color options in that, as well. It is also possible to engrave a personal message, name or initials on the product for an extra charge. We all have been enchanted by roses, and it’s rather surprising that no one came up with the idea before. The company currently offers shipping around the globe.

We loved the classic red rose in a dome, and it is rather easy to preserve it at home. There are no maintenance requirements as mentioned. The rose feels like a real one, and we haven’t seen any changes in its appearance in the last few months.

Andrew Slidell

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