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Generators ensure work at a construction doesn’t stop in case of a power outage. They are available in various fuel types but diesel generators tend to be the most preferred ones because of their ability to start right away after a power outage. If you are looking to purchase a diesel generator, consider the following reminders:

 Size Matters

When you size a generator, think about the high inrush currents associated with starting transformers and electric motors. If you start transformers and motors, big voltage and frequency dips can take place when the generator is not sized properly. Fortunately, a lot of generators are now available with solutions for overcoming the additional excitation systems that an alternator requires. With these options, you can buy small diesel generators since there is no need to cope with the initial electrical surge when starting the equipment.

Check the Modular Capability

Ensure you ask the manufacturer about the steps necessary for paralleling a generator with others to make the setup possible. For example, ask if the generator comes with this capability as a standard and how long would it take the generator to pair with two units. With modular capability, the dependability of the generator is improved and the length and cost of service are reduced.

Control Systems

Ideally, control systems must provide various features that include the ability to start and program the equipment remotely, deliver a range of data analysis, as well as display warnings. This makes it possible to use the power plant’s efficiency while offering an important overview of the application process. Also, a lot of generators are made with power management systems ideal for rental applications because of their plug-and-play design.

Fuel Efficiency

With the improvement in energy efficiency and design innovation, mobile generators these days now consume less fuel than before. Latest machines are not capable of running for longer and more economically. But, generators are not made equal and fuel can be pricey. Thus, make sure you ask at least two manufacturers to have an expectation of the fuel consumption before you buy a diesel generator. Also, fuel efficiency can be affected by modularity.

When choosing a diesel generator, try to stay on the conservative side and keep in mind that generators are designed to work hard and having an accurate sizing will provide better results. Consider modular since bigger does not have to be better. Modular is not only about big installations. You can expect it to also make sense with units around the 150 kVA level.

Andrew Slidell

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