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Talk about the affordable audio options for homes, and you have bookshelf speakers, which are preferred by homeowners around the world. A bookshelf speaker is just that – a loudspeaker, which can be aptly placed on a shelf or can be mounted on the wall, depending on the design. Some of the best-known designs, such as Concertino Sonus Faber, can cost more, but also last for years without any need for repairs.

Should I consider bookshelf speaker for my home?

A bookshelf speaker works best for rooms that need powerful speakers but without taking the floor space. If you compare a bookshelf speaker with a freestanding one, you will realize that the former is much smaller. Freestanding or tower speakers work better, because of the box size, and some can even box/house two or more speakers in the same box. A bookshelf speaker is more compact, and if you don’t need your loudspeaker to be moved around, this is the ideal choice to go for. These are also ideal for basic needs -watching TV and enjoying music. However, if you want to grab the best from your home theatre, a floor speaker might be a more powerful choice.

What to look for?

In case of bookshelf speakers, it is important to keep a check on the basics, more so when you don’t understand the technical aspects. Here’s what first-time buyers should be concerned about –

  • The brand. Keep in mind that you won’t be replacing speakers of your home every year. As such, it is always a wise decision to go for a better brand. Find companies that specialize in making high-quality bookshelf speakers.
  • The product. New bookshelf speakers are designed for performance. So, go for a model that’s compact and doesn’t compromise on the sound either. Apart from sound, check for bass levels.
  • Features, size and design. Since the speaker will be placed on a shelf or tabletop, you need to know the size and design well. Always measure the space available before selecting a product. In terms of features, you can have a remote, specific brand features, and even settings for better sound quality.

Of course, the price is one of the many factors that matter to homeowners, but as we said, a good bookshelf speaker is more like an investment. You can get some great deals online, and with the right brand, you don’t have to worry much about repair anymore.

Andrew Slidell

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