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For marine aficionados, integrating sump filtration units, maintaining the perfect water parameters may pose as a challenge as their system matures and gives away a rise in the stocking level. If this rings a bell, have a read at the following simple upgrades in order to fine tune your current filtration system for enhanced water quality.

  1. Supplemental Filtration Options

The upgradation of the sump fish tank filters doesn’t have to be complex or effort consuming. As a matter of fact, most of the sump filtration units are compartmentalized or designed in such a way that it has added space to accommodate the in sump consumption easily. There are many convenient external devices available that can augment the sump filtration without taking up any kind of sump space.

  1. Protein Skimmers

This skimmer is usually available as an in sump or hang on unit and is the most famous supplemental fish tank filter equipment for the saltwater aquariums. It is often considered important among these marine aficionados that the protein skimmers tend to extend their advantages to the marine Fish Only or the FOWLR aka fish only with live rock systems as well. Protein skimmers tend to function by evoking a plethora of micro bubbles that literally tend to scour the aquarium water clean and by actively getting rid of dissolved protein and organic waste materials in order to mitigate the effects of the nitrogenous waste like ammonia, nitrate or nitrite and phosphate as well.

  1. Canister Filters

When it comes to a little bit of customization, an external canister filter can transform into a powerful ally quite easily that can significantly improve the water quality and water movement. In order to get rid of the potential extra nitrate generation, just get rid of the biological media from the canister filter and replace it with your most preferred chemical filter media. When this step is implemented, deem this canister filter as a media reactor. The huge media baskets can accommodate the activated carbon, phosphate removers, or resins easily. As a bonus, direct the return outlet towards any kind of stationery or low flow area in order to improve the circulation.

  1. Fluidized Media Reactors

These multi-functional equipment improves the water quality by maximizing the filter media performance. The gentle water movement in the reaction media keeps the filter media in a liquid state. This is done to make the most of the entire media surface available. Granular activated carbon, bio pellets, and granular ferric oxide or phosphate remover are the most famous media used for the media reactors to get rid of a variety of aquarium pollutants.

  1. Refugiums

Many sump filtration units have a particular compartment that can be used as a refugium. When you add live rock in the available refugium compartment, it improves the biological filtration by assisting both nitrifying as well as de-nitrifying bacteria. If your sump filtration unit doesn’t have an available refugium compartment, then invest in a hang on refugium. Fill in with some live rock, live sand, and micro algae to create a living filtration system that is also ideal for growing live food items.

Andrew Slidell

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