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Your Shopping Guide when Fishing in the Cold

Mar 4, 2019

To become a great angler, you need more than just the ability to cash better, find more fish, or using the fastest boat. A good angler should have a solid mental approach to fishing so that they can overcome adverse weather variables and be more effective at fishing. If you are fishing in the cold, you should shop for quality fishing apparel to stay comfortable.

What you Need to Fish Comfortably in the Cold

Aside from your fishing essentials, you need to shop for fishing apparel to keep you comfortable. This includes:

  • Quality clothing. You need to purchase the best cold weather clothing you can afford and incorporate this in layers. Look for clothes that can keep you warm and stay dry. Also, you should wear knit stocking caps. If you have to run between fishing spots, put on a neck gaiter over your helmet because of the risks associated with blind spots.

  • Gloves. Apart from keeping your hands warm, gloves let you handle fish better as their teeth and slime will stick to the most kind of gloves. When you get wet, wear gloves that do not stretch a lot. Also, make sure you shop for extra pairs of gloves. Keep in mind that wet gloves can be dangerous and uncomfortable so change your gloves right away when wet.

Some Important Tips

Cold weather can be disappointing, especially if you are not ready when you get out to fish. Below are some tips to ensure the cold doesn’t’ make you give up your fishing:

  • Avoid showing any skin. As you drive your fishing boat, wind chills reduce exponentially. When fishing in below-freezing temperatures, a fast bass boat ride can reduce the temperatures. Thus, the cold will be a lot worst when in a boat ride.
  • Run to different areas. In case you not getting bites, don’t stay in one fishing spot for a long time. Think about adding some layers and moving to better fishing grounds. Keep in mind that you are trying to withstand the weather and not catching any fish can make the cold even worse.

  • Build many rod and reel combinations. Cold weather can seriously affect your fishing so having spares is paramount. You should not allow a freezing or broken rod and reel to take get you eliminated from the game. Also, remember that tying knot in the cold is difficult, so make sure to have spares.
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