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Engagement ring, it is not merely a love symbol. In fact it represents commitment and engagement. An engagement ring does not pronounce if someone loved you, yet having an engagement ring, is very special,   isn’t it?

Commonly, people look for personalized engagement rings. New Zealand is well-known for its custom engagement rings, custom made jewellery, colored gemstone earrings and couture bombe rings, meeting your exact taste.

What is jewellery or an engagement ring?

Jewellery or engagement ring expresses your unique personality. Ordering a custom jewellery with New Zealand means you are assured to get your sense of style and within your budget.

Why New Zealand?

There are many jewellery shops in and around the world, yet new zealand fine jewellery and engagement rings have a special place. This is because in New Zealand creating personalized jewellery for couples is their excellence and this has resulted in consistent success stories and satisfied customers. New Zealand offers unparalleled expert one-on-one service while designing the engagement ring that it appears distinct one-of-its-kind, presenting a combination of your personal expression and also your love message.

The Jewellery workshop is factory-direct and so buyers get best quality and pricing. Buyers get GIA certified diamonds assuring accurate grading of diamonds and these diamonds are laser engraved. Apart from making new engagement rings or fine jewellery, they also remodel, polish, resize, repair and offer Ruby gemstones, Emerald and Ceylon Sapphire.

How do they get Accuracy of customized jewellery?

Having your engagement rings custom designed or the fine jewellery item customized makes it more valuable. Of course, you get it as expected as they do it using CAD, computer aided design. This ensures precise and accurate diamond jewellery that is also dimensionally perfect.

If you are busy, you can send the design images by email. On the confirmation of the design, a 3D print is taken creating the perfect dimension that is cast into Gold or platinum. Each ring is hand polished and then is set by hand with your chosen gem stone or diamond and is finished to perfection by hand. This process ensures accurate engagement rings and fine jewellery possible offering a lifetime guarantee.

If you wish to impress the person you love, consider choosing personalized jewellery. There may be many retail jewelers selling similar designs, but it is New Zealand fine jewellery and engagement rings that are unique and inspiring, that you can be amazed by their work and options available.

Andrew Slidell

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