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People love to buy precious metals like gold and silver. However, you should make the right decision while buying gold. Do not be in a hurry while buying gold. You should always purchase gold from the trusted shop and check for the hallmark symbol. The professional traders will sell you only hallmark printed products. People usually own gold in different forms like ornaments, bullions or gold bars. People who use gold for investment should be careful and do not panic when price drops or hikes.

You are advised to buy gold from an online professional dealer who has name and fame in this business. A good dealer can guide you the best for investing in gold business. You should be aware of the tips and tricks to buy gold. Do not commence serious mistakes as they can put you at larger risks. Before buying gold, you can also check the market price of gold on the internet and deal in the prices accordingly. The price of gold varies everyday so don’t worry much if the price drops or don’t try to get into dealing because there may be best deals waiting for you in future.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Gold

  • The most common mistake we make is buying gold coins rather than gold bars. If you are planning to buy the bullion coin then you have to pay a large amount of premium. The coin making process is expensive and time consuming than bars so a premium amount is charged on cons. A 10-ounce gold bar will have lesser premium than 10-ounce coin so you are advised to buy the bar rather than the coins.
  • Another mistake we make is that we buy less quantity of gold. The fact is that the quantity of gold defines the price we pay to dealers for gold. If we buy gold bars in bulk then we have to pay less and even buying gold coins in large volume can save us from the extra cost.

  • Another mistake we usually make is paying the price by using credit cards. The dealers charge extra 3% or 4% on payment with credit cards. You can enquire about the payment fee charges on shopping with credit card from any jeweler near you. Instead of paying extra to dealers you can prefer the electronic check, bank wires or in cash payment to the local dealer.

You are advised to avoid these general mistakes while buying gold.

Andrew Slidell

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