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Your dance shoes are an important investment and dancers don’t go easy on them during practice and in competition, that’s why is vital that you have a good maintenance and care routine to ensure they last long into the future. Here are some essential tips to consider which will help you care for your dance shoes and increase their longevity.

  1. Clean Them Regularly

One way to ensure your dance shoes last is to clean them on a regular basis, if you leave them for long periods without cleaning, they’ll start to deteriorate even quicker. Dance floors are kept clean and free of dirt to ensure dancers get to perform on a high-quality surface. But after a long session on the floor, dirt, sweat and other substances start to accumulate. All these compounds find their way onto your dance shoes, leaving them dirty after a tough session.

You must clean the soles of your dance shoes on a regular basis, it helps to remove any substances which have gathered while you were dancing. Brushing your soles benefits both suede and leather materials, ensuring they are kept clean and vibrant.

If you are buying high-quality men’s dance shoes from Burju Shoes, you must frequently maintain them to guarantee they last. However, it isn’t advisable to clean them too often. Too much cleaning and scrubbing can damage your soles, so only do it when you really need to and remember to use a soft bristled brush.

  1. Think About the Environment

Many beginners forget that their dance shoes are designed for a specific environment, that environment being the dance floor. They shouldn’t be worn outside of dance class or competition. Dance floors are kept immaculately clean to ensure dancers can perform at their best, so your shoes are exposed to a spotlessly clean surface unlike anything you’ll encounter anywhere else.

The easiest way to shorten their life cycle is to wear them to and from your dance lessons. You’ll expose your dance shoes to dirty, grimy environments which will in turn damage your footwear. Your dance shoes are made of high-quality material which isn’t designed to be worn on a regular basis in average day settings, they’ll deteriorate in the wrong environment quickly destroying your dance shoes.

  1. Use a Shoe Bag

An easy way to protect your shoes is to carry them in a shoe bag, the moment you finish practice put them away and change into your regular shoes. Most quality shoes come with specially designed shoe bags which help to protect and preserve your dance shoes. If you don’t have a shoe bag, you should think about making an investment, they keep your shoes clean and secure when you aren’t using them.

The key to longevity is care and maintenance, if you don’t take some time to care for your dance shoes, they won’t last for as long as you’d like. If you don’t take care of them, they’ll begin to deteriorate, and you’ll have to purchase a new pair. Consider the tips mentioned above and always remember to care for your investment.

Andrew Slidell

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