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For a large part of the population, hiring a tailor to craft clothing for a perfect fit is simply not an option. There is just no place in the budgets of millions of families for made-to-measure suits and dresses when a high-priced professional is doing the measuring. In some situations, even off-the-shelf clothing can be difficult to afford. There is another way to get the beautiful clothing you want for yourself and your family members, however.

Many people remember a time when their grandmothers or mothers made clothing for the family using patterns and fabric. This reduced the cost of custom-made clothing to the expense for the fabric and the pattern itself, since a large part of clothing cost is in the labour needed to cut and sew the garment. While it’s true that many people know what a garment pattern is and understand how it is used, it may be wise to learn just a bit of history about this fascinating item.

A Bit of History

Then, when you shop for patterns online, you’ll not only know what you’re looking for, you’ll understand what you’re working with. To get started, it’s good to know that a pattern is basically a template for tracing parts of the garment onto the fabric. From that point, the carefully-cut pieces of fabric can be sewn together to complete the item of clothing. At one time, there were a few leading companies producing patterns for custom-made clothing.

Most of these were for home sewing, though a handful of companies produced block patterns for industrial production. Today, there are still reliable producers of patterns, just as there are excellent options from both online companies and physical shopfront businesses. You can select from an array of pre-graded patterns offered directly to you so you can sew at home. (Grading a pattern simply means changing the size to fit various needs.)

In fact, if you want to select from one of the dozens of patterns, you should visit the website of one of the leading providers of fabrics, patterns, knitting and crochet materials, sewing machines, and much more. Under the management of skilled retailers, these experts have expanded to 70 locations in Australia and New Zealand. As you browse the site, you’ll see patterns for beautiful floor-length dresses as well as patterns for both traditional full-skirted dresses or modern shells and trousers for women.

Children, Toddlers

You’ll also see outstanding patterns for children and toddlers. For example, if you would like to create a pillowcase dress for your young lady, you can choose the pattern and then move quickly to the fabric page to select from apparel fabrics and basic fabrics. Your choices include chiffon, linen, homespun, calico, and many more. When you work with these professionals, you will have all the products and advice you need to create something with your own hands. Not only that, your family members will be able to wear your creations proudly. Start your journey today and find the inspiration for creating your own clothing.

Andrew Slidell

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