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Buying a Mercedes car from the original dealer can be a very rewarding experience and at the same time it can be very expensive option too. Often many buyers of Mercedes-Benz car end up doing certain mistakes that can be easily avoided if you are aware of them in advance.

Therefore, if you want to buy any pre owned Mercedes car from the original dealer without really draining out your bank account, following are few tips that you must always remember.

  • Buying add-ons that you will never need

Most of the Mercedes dealers will convince you to buy as many add-ons as possible with the car that they sell. Many of the add-ons will be never used by you and therefore you must resist buying them. Even if you need any of these add-ons then you can better buy from other dealer outside who will offer at much cheaper price and almost the same quality. If Mercedes dealer insists to buy from them then try to bargain so that they reduce the price.

  • Buying without doing any research

Before you visit any Mercedes dealer, you must do enough research about various models of Mercedes car and make sure that you choose the right model of the car that suits your need. Without doing any research, you may end up buying wrong model and regret later.

  • Omit the test drive

Do not get carried away with the assurances given by the dealer, while accepting the car. You must do enough test drive and ask questions before you zero-in on any of the car model for you.

  • Giving consent to pay by cash before negotiation

There is nothing wrong in paying in cash as such however declaring in advance about the same should be avoided. In that case you lose certain leverage during negotiation. Once the dealers come to know that you are ready to pay by cash then they will try to avoid doing any negotiation and you may end up paying higher price. Better thing would be to negotiate first and then pay.

  • Setting the price before buying it

If you set the price in the beginning then the dealer will not give you any scope for further negotiation during the purchase of the car. Therefore, keep the things open and put pressure on the dealer till end so that he offers further discounts.

Andrew Slidell

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